Terms & Conditions

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General Terms:

  • Any unused item is refundable (within a period of 14 days) on return in its original, undamaged packaging. Customer pays the cost of return.
  • Postage (to & from Rupert’s Mobiles) is to be paid by the customer
  • The customer accepts that the Manufacturer’s warranty will be voided when replacing any LCD/Screen or fixing any phone.
  • Rupert’s Mobile Phones (Southport) Ltd. Company Registered in England & Wales : No 04694369. Registered Office: Walmer Road, Birkdale, Southport. PR8 4SX


The majority of screen replacements and mobile phone repairs are successful and the customer is left with fully working, functional phone.

Occasionally however, there can be other things wrong with a phone, that might only come to light and become a problem after a new LCD/Screen has been fitted. The physical act of fitting an LCD/Screen cannot actually cause Ruperts Mobile Phones : Southport : Repairs & Accessoriesthese problems, as these are issues related to other parts of the phone, eg mother board, that are parts not touched in the screen change. In these instances, there are often  more complex, underlying  issues with the phone that have subsequently been uncovered.

Adding new hardware (i.e the replacement screen) to a phone can uncover these problems, especially if the phone has a power-processor issue ‘waiting to happen’, which can happen at any time in a phones life and is more likely to occur when new hardware is added. This is particularly true of  Apple iPhones incidentally although can be seen in other models too.

Under no circumstances will we be held responsible for ‘breaking further’ the customer’s phone, as it is only the LCD/Screen that has been changed at this point and it does not involve board work, or work anywhere else on the phone’s circuitry.

If by any chance this is the case with your phone after the LCD/Screen is fitted, we will initially try a second LCD/Screen to rule out (improbable) faulty hardware. If this does not work, we will give the phone to another fully qualified mobile phone engineer at Rupert’s Mobiles workshop, to assess and fix (if agreed) the problem at microscopic board level, only charging  you (the customer) extra labour and parts (if any) and we will warranty his work. If the customer does not want an engineer to be involved at this point, we will put an LCD/Screen back on the phone or in the case of a mobile repair, just send it back as sent to us for the second time and refund the labour cost related to the engineers work. However, we cannot guarantee that the phone will work as it was before the LCD/Screen change, or the initial fix when the customer received it first time.